Beach Camping Checklist: The Essentials for Your Beach Vacation

Beach camping
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For many people, camping at the beach can be one of the most relaxing experiences they have ever had. The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore is a great way to add to your experience overall.

So you’re about to go to your beach camp. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and you are ready for a day full of fun in the sand with friends or family!

Keep reading for some helpful tips on what makes up a good camping checklist!

Most importantly, everything starts with a checklist…you NEED to have a list of what you need before going on a beach camp. Include everything from your tent, air mattress, cooler, and even sunscreen! So make sure to carefully make a list as you begin packing for your camping trip!

1)  Packing

Make sure that you pack the right clothes.  Some people may want to dress in heavier clothes since there is no telling if it will get colder later on, while others may want to wear lighter outfits so they can feel more comfortable.  Make sure that you bring plenty of clothes for the potential weather.

2)  Food

You should pack all of your food in a waterproof container.  If possible, you may want to choose foods that are not affected by water or saltwater, so they won’t go bad easily.

3)  Firewood

You should bring enough firewood with you to keep your fire burning throughout the night.  Make sure that you are careful about bringing wood from live plants, as it could have insects on it that can ruin your camping experience overall.

4)  Shelter

Many people choose to bring umbrellas or tents when they visit beaches because they can provide shelter.  If you choose to opt-out of these, make sure that you don’t stay in the sun for too long during the day. For those who choose to sleep outside, it’s important to bring a sleeping bag with them.  A high-quality one will keep you warm and cozy during the night so you can rest easily. Beach tents are great for camping because they have that extra protection from the sand. Whether you get a tent with screen windows or just go with no windows at all, it is best to have large windows so that the hot air can vent out of the tent. You can always have a fan on hand for some extra ventilation.

It is important to have the right type of tarp down below your tent so that water runs away from your house, not towards it. A good tarp also prevents sand from getting inside the tent…so you don’t want that!

If you are camping without a tent or shelter, be sure to bring some extra protection from the sand. You can use a sheet of plywood and some wood poles to make a shell-type shelter nearby your campsite. If you build it out of bamboo, it will catch fire easily so beware!

5)  Water

Make sure that everyone brings enough water with them so they won’t get dehydrated.  You may even choose to bring some sort of water filtration system with you so that you will have access to clean water, as the ocean water may not be as clean as some people think.

Drink lots of water! It’s always important to have a lot of water on hand, but it is even more important when you are out in the heat all day long. Make sure you have plenty of ice to keep your food cold and drinks nice and cool throughout the evening. It is important to stay hydrated when beach camping so makes sure you bring plenty of water. Make sure you bring plenty of drinking water to keep hydrated and take lots of breaks in the shade.

6)  Bugs

Insect repellent is a good idea to keep at your campsite since there are many bugs near beaches.  Make sure that everyone in your group knows to use it when they go near the water. Bug repellent is a good idea to bring with you if you are camping during the summer, as there may be bugs that will bother you.  If you plan on sleeping outside of your car, then bug spray is also important for keeping mosquitoes away!  You may want some citronella candles as well if bugs are a problem.  Just remember to keep your food away from your candle so it doesn’t catch on fire!

7)  Sunscreen

It’s important to make sure that you put sunscreen on as well, especially if you won’t be wearing a lot of clothes.  You can get burned very easily on a beach due to sand exposure and heat from the sun.

Bring along extra sunscreen to reapply after playing in the sand all day long! You can always carry a spray bottle filled with water or just use baby wipes to keep the sand off your skin. If you go into the ocean, be aware that saltwater can irritate your skin more, so it’s important to have some extra sunscreen on hand.

Sun protection is important for everyone, but it’s even more important if you plan on being outside all day.  Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun during this time, so make sure that you bring plenty of sunscreens!  You may also want to wear a hat or sunglasses if you are someone that burns easily.

8)  First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a good idea to bring with you as well.  Accidents can happen easily, and it’s important that everyone stays safe.

9)  Snacks

Bring some snacks with you so you won’t get hungry between meals.  You may choose to do this instead of making a meal.

Beach camping is no different than regular camping in terms of snacks. You still pack up your favorite snacks to satisfy your cravings throughout the day. Just make sure that you don’t leave out smelly foods like tuna fish because they might attract animals!

For example, energy bars are great for beach camping because they aren’t messy and will easily digest in the heat. If you run into trouble with bugs, try bringing along some citronella candles.

10)  Cleaning Supplies

Make sure that you bring some cleaning supplies with you so your camping area won’t get dirty.  You don’t want to leave anything lying around at the beach, as it can make for an unsightly mess. Toilet paper is not a necessity in terms of camping, but it can be a nice item to bring with you. If you plan on going for an ocean swim, you will want to have some toilet paper with you so that you can clean your legs off before entering the water. This can help prevent an infection from bacteria.

11)  Other Items

Here are some other items that you may want to bring with you on your beach camping trip.  Bug spray, utensils, towels, chairs, sunscreen lotion, extra batteries for flashlights and other electronics, first aid kit, personal hygiene products, lock for food containers or cooler so animals can’t get in it.

12)  Waterproof Phone Case

If you bring a phone with you, consider getting a waterproof case for it so it won’t get damaged easily if something happens.  There are many options out there, and some of them can even float in water.  This will help ensure that your phone stays safe while you enjoy the beach.

13)  Swimming suits

Swimming suits are a must for beach camping. The point of beach camping is to have fun at the beach, so you’ll want to bring along your swimsuit so you can enjoy yourself! Swim suit for beach camping will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day, and they also provide a good base layer to protect against the heat of the sun.  You may choose to wear your swimsuit under your clothes if you want to be modest about it, but there is no need to!  Beach camping is a great way to get out of your comfort zone by experiencing something new!

Beach camping is a fun activity that you can enjoy with the family or on your own.  If you are someone that enjoys nature and spending time outside, then this type of camping will be right for you!

14) Picnic table

A picnic table is not a necessity in terms of camping, but it can be a nice item to bring with you.  If you plan on going for an ocean swim, you will want to have some toilet paper with you so that you can clean your legs off before entering the water.  This can help prevent an infection from bacteria. Also, you may want to bring some plastic chairs or a blanket with you to sit on while playing in the sand because it can make for a difficult time otherwise.

15) Trash bags

Trash bags are a good idea to bring along as well if you want to keep your area clean.  You may also want to think about bringing some sort of container for trash, like an empty cooler.  Just make sure that you dispose of it properly when you leave!

16) Firepit

A fire pit is a great idea to bring along with you if you plan on staying for some time.  Building one will be easy because you likely won’t have to dig very deep. Just place rocks around the area where you want your pit, and then light some tinder in the middle!  You can enjoy some roasted marshmallows for a tasty treat later on!

16) Know about tiding line

High tide line is a good thing to know before you start your trip.  This will show you the estimated time of high tide, which can help if you plan on going near the water.  It’s important that you make sure everyone stays safe as well! If there are any signs of high or low tides, you should know that the water can sweep people away during high tide, so be careful!

17) Weather forecast

The weather is an important factor to look into before you go beach camping.  It’s best if you camp during the offseason because there won’t be many people around to bother you.

You should also check the weather forecast so that you know what kind of clothing to pack for your trip!

Now that you have all of these tips in mind, you can have a great time when you go out for your beach camping trip.  Having the right supplies will help ensure that everyone in your group has fun without any problems.

The next time you want to go camping, why not choose beach camping?  You’ll have a lot of fun, and probably find that it’s more relaxing than other types of camping.  Beach campers are some of the happiest people out there because they are surrounded by nature!

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