How to keep your home safe while camping: A checklist

Keep your home safe while camping
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Camping is a great, inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors. You can escape from city life and live in nature for a few days. But what should you do if your home needs guarding while you’re gone? Here’s a checklist of things to take care of before heading out on your camping trip:

Doors & Windows:

Check all the doors and windows in your house. Make sure they’re locked tight and that there isn’t any damage. If you have a security alarm system, set it up according to the instructions.


Inspect your yard for anything out of places, such as suspicious footprints or tire marks in the grass. Look around for possible hiding spots where burglars can hide while watching your property. Make sure there are no tools or other objects that might be used for breaking in outside, such as ladders or bricks.


If you have a fence, look over it carefully to make sure nothing is damaged. If the locks on your gate are broken, replace them with new ones.


Call your neighbors and let them know you’ll be gone. Ask if they can keep an eye on your property while you’re gone and pick up newspapers or flyers that get delivered to your home. If it’s possible, ask a neighbor to stop by your house every day or two to check for suspicious activity.


If you’re leaving your car in the driveway, put it inside the garage. This way, if a burglar breaks into your home they won’t be able to see it. If you can’t fit your car in the garage because of other vehicles or storage items, have someone park their car behind yours so that it blocks your view from the street.


Make sure your alarm is set and that no one could accidentally turn it off while you’re away. put any valuables in your safe and lock it.

If you need to turn your alarm off before you leave for your trip! Place a “Be Back Soon!” sign on your front door so passersby won’t call the police thinking something bad is happening in your house.


If you have a pet, make sure they stay indoors or in an enclosed area. If you have a garage, put your pet in there so that they’re contained and not tempted to wander into the yard.


Make sure all your outside taps are turned off. You don’t want to come back from camping only to find a flooded basement!


If you usually leave on holiday lights, make sure you turn them off before leaving. Also, don’t forget to leave your house number on! This makes it easier for the police and other authorities to find your home if necessary.

If at all possible, make sure someone will come by and check your place every few days while you’re away camping. A trusted friend or neighbour can collect your mail and newspapers, keep an eye on the house, and check for any suspicious activity.

If you follow these steps when you leave on your camping trip, your home will be safe while you’re out in nature! Follow this checklist to ensure that there isn’t anything you’ve missed. You don’t

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