How to Set the Mountain Bike Seat Height

How to Set the Mountain Bike Seat Height

Mountain biking is an exciting sport, but it can be uncomfortable if your bike seat is the wrong height. This article will show you how to set the height on a mountain bike.

STEP 1: Decide Your Ideal Pedal Height

The first thing you need to do in order to set your bike seat height is to figure out what your ideal pedal height should be. To find this out, sit on the seat with your feet on the pedals and straighten your legs so the pedals are in line with your knees. If there’s still a slight bend in your leg at this point, you need to get a bike seat that is higher or lower depending on whether your knees are flexed or extended.

STEP 2: Set the Trickle Valve

To set the seat height, you’ll need to set the trickle valve. It’s a small brass knob located underneath your seat post where it attaches to the seat tube. Most mountain bike seats have this setting so that they can adjust slightly to accommodate different leg lengths, but you’ll need to adjust it yourself. You should set the trickle valve to three full turns from completely closed.

STEP 3: Set Your Seat Post Height

To get started with setting your seat height, slide your seat post into the frame so that it’s attached to the seat tube and tighten down the quick release so it’s secure. Reach down and grab the seat post to lift it up just enough that you can turn the knurled knob that sets how high it will be at this point.

STEP 4: Sit on Your Bike Seat

Sit on your bike seat with your feet on the pedals and push down firmly until your weight is on the seat. Next, with one hand, grab the brake cable between the brake levers and pull it taught with your other hand. Loosen the bolt that holds the clamp around your bike’s handlebars to adjust your brakes so they’re both in line with each other for better control during sharp turns.

STEP 5: Set Your Seat Height

You can now set your seat height. You do this by adjusting the saddle clamp on your seat post. Unscrew the knob at the top of this clamp and slide it up or down to bring your thighs parallel to the ground when you are pedaling. If that’s not working, adjust the trickle valve slightly until you are satisfied with the positioning of your seat in relation to your pedals.

STEP 6: Do a Test Ride

Once you are satisfied with the height, put your foot on one pedal and raise it up four or five inches. Then set that pedal down and lift the other pedal in order to turn your front wheel until it’s pointing straight ahead. Now you’re ready to take your newly adjusted bike out for a ride.

There you have it! You should be well on your way to enjoying biking as a sport. If you want, change around some of the parts after you get used to your new routine so that biking remains fun and exciting for years to come.

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