Saltwater Fish Identification Guide

Saltwater Fish Identification
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There are many different types of saltwater fish. Some live in the deep sea, others live near shorelines and coral reefs. This blog post will help you identify the type out of many saltwater fishes.

What is a saltwater fish?

Saltwater fishes live in the ocean or other sea waters around the world. They can be found near coral reefs or deep in the sea, in warm or cold waters.

Why is it important to identify saltwater fish?

Saltwater fishes are an essential part of their environment and ecosystem. If you want to share information about them with other people like your friends or colleagues, it helps if you can correctly identify them for yourself first. This way, you can accurately communicate to others.

How do I identify saltwater fish?

Saltwater fishes have physical features that are unique to their species, which you need to learn over time. This blog post will help by giving an overview of common types of saltwater fish and how they look like. Keep reading!

The majority of saltwater fish live in the ocean, but there are several types that can be found near coral reefs or coastal areas. There are over 32,000 different species of saltwater fish identified so far and this number keeps increasing as more discoveries about them are made!

Saltwater Fish Identification: How to Identify Saltwater Fishes?

There is a wide variety of saltwater fish, but the ones that you are most likely going to encounter when swimming in a tropical area will be:


Angelfishes have flat bodies and long fins. They come in many different colors like red, orange, or yellow with black spots. Angelfish live near shallow waters where they can hide under the corals.


These fishes are small and orange with white stripes on their body. They live in colonies near coral reefs, where they feed on algae and invertebrates like worms or shrimp larvae. Clownfish also have a symbiotic relationship with venomous sea anemones to protect themselves from predators! If you see one, you will definitely be able to spot it.


These fishes are found in warm waters or shallow reefs where they can feed on algae and invertebrates like worms, shrimp larvae, or sea anemones! They have long bodies with distinct colors that help them camouflage themselves. The most common type of tang is the surgeonfish, which has a dark blue body with yellow stripes.

Crocodile fish

This fish is brownish-gray in color and often camouflaged to match its surroundings, making it very difficult to spot! They have long bodies that make them look like eels, but their heads are rounder than usual. Crocodile fish can be found in coastal areas and live near reefs.


Blennies fishes are small, elongated, and may have venomous dorsal spines that they use to defend themselves from predators! They eat algae or invertebrates like sea anemones or bristle worms. Some blenny species can adapt to living among the corals just like clownfish do.


A dark blue back, pale belly; long snout with largemouth; adults have a large dorsal fin that is triangular in shape and sail-like.


This fish is dark blue or gray with light stripes on its side. They are fast swimmers who prey on smaller fishes, but can also be seen eating algae! Tuna has long bodies with torpedo shaped torsos to help them swim faster than most fish.


This fish is greenish-brown with dark spots on its back and silvery sides. They are small in size, but have a large heads compared to their bodies! Hamlets live near reefs where they feed mostly on algae or invertebrates like sea anemones.

 Questions and Answers about identifying saltwater fish

Are saltwater fish hypertonic?

Yes, they are hypertonic to their environment.

Is a clownfish an invertebrate?

No, Clownfish is considered a fish. It’s not an invertebrate! How many fins does saltwater angelfish have and what color is it?

Saltwater angelfish has 24-27 rays of fins and it’s color ranges from orange to yellow with black spots.

What is a saltwater fish that has dark blue skin?

Tuna, Sailfish and Crocodile fish are dark blue in color.

Are saltwater fish salty?

Yes, saltwater fish have more sodium than freshwater.

Are there any poisonous saltwater fish?

Yes, Crocodile Fish has a venomous dorsal fin that it uses as a defense mechanism against predators!

There are many different types of saltwater fish and this blog post only covered a few! We hope that we were able to provide some useful information on how to identify saltwater fishes and what they might look like. Now that you know what they are, go explore the ocean and see if you can spot some!

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