The Best Camping Sites in Illinois

The Best Camping Sites in Illinois
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The best camping sites in Illinois are a great place to go if you’re looking to get away from it all for a few days. Whether you want to camp by the lakeside or just take a drive through the countryside, there is something that will work for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of our favorite campsites and why they are so popular with visitors from across the country!

There are so many camping sites in Illinois to choose from, but here are a few of our favorites!

Lake Shore Campground

Lake Shore Campground is where you go if you want something on the water. This campground has over 500 campsites and offers amenities like bathrooms with hot showers, outdoor grills for cooking up all your favorite foods, and more.

Lake of the Wood

Lake of the Woods is best known for its secluded location and beautiful views, offering some great fishing spots as well! This campground has over 800 campsites with amenities like hot showers, picnic tables, grills, clean bathrooms with running water (including full-size toilets), a store to pick up snacks or last minute camping gear, and more.

Lake Fork

Lake Fork is best known for its seclusion- you can take long walks through the woods to get away from everyone else! This campground has over 100 campsites (including some great hiking trails) with amenities like bathrooms with hot showers nearby, grills available on site, clean restrooms nearby that are open 24 hours a day, and more.


Lake Thunderbird

Lake Thunderbird is best known for its great fishing- this campground has over 400 campsites with amenities like hot showers (nearby), grills on site that are available 24 hours a day, clean restrooms nearby that are open 24 hours a day, outdoor fire pits to keep you warm at night, and more!

Turkey Ridge Campground, Ferne Clyffe State Park

The Big Rocky Hollow trail is a picturesque, 100-foot intermittent waterfall located in the Illinois state park. The walk-in campground has amenities such as grills and picnic tables for tent camping enthusiasts that want to avoid crowds during their stay at this scenic site near Chicago’s north side suburbs

Amenities include drinking water nearby along with restroom facilities within walking distance of the parking area – perfect if you’re looking forward to getting away from it all! Be sure to check out these other features before hiking off: One cave which visitors can tour by candlelight or lantern light; beautiful viewpoints offering extensive views throughout central Illinois including sights like Mauna Kea (on the Big Island of Hawaii); best known for its two waterfalls, which visitors can see from the observation platform; and best known for its great fishing spots.

Gebhard Woods State Park

Gebhard Woods is a walk-in campground with tent camping only. It has three fishing ponds and offers visitors the chance to canoe or fish in addition to hiking on nearby trails for more adventurous travelers looking for an adventure.

Castle Rock State Park

Castle Rock State Park is a hidden treasure in the middle of Illinois. By canoe or boat, you can access primitive campsites that offer spectacular views and are secluded from modern society for an unforgettable camping experience. Activities include bank-fishing along the Rock River as well as hiking through scenic sandstone bluffs with ravines full of mysterious formations like those found on top of large rock formations giving it its name “The Castle”!

Castle Rock State Park is known for its local wildlife, the best campsites in Illinois to watch the stars at night, the best fishing spots, the best camping sites in Illinois to bring your dog, and the best rustic camping experience.

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a genuine escape will find their perfect spot to camp near Chicago with these best camping sites in Illinois.

Red Cedar Campsite, Giant City State Park

Hikers interested in scenic views and long-distance hiking should look no further than this campground. The Red Cedar Trail marks the halfway point, with a six-mile hike along it to get there! Hikers can head down Giant City Nature Trail for more exploration of ancient rock formations known as “Giant City Streets.” There are also other trails available if you’re up for some climbing or horseback riding on your way back from exploring nature’s beauty at its finest forms.

Amenities include drinking water nearby, restrooms available within walking distance of the parking area, best campsites in Illinois for hikers looking to get away from everyone else (including dogs), best-camping sites in Illinois for hiking enthusiasts like yourself!

Blanchard Island Recreation Area

The campground is under the shading limbs of maple, sycamore, and cottonwood near New Boston. It offers 34 campsites on 6-1/2 acres with river views that make it an excellent spot for anglers looking to relax during their day by fishing in peace or just soaking up nature’s beauty surrounded by greenery while grilled food cooks above you! Other amenities include tables where families can spread out after a long hike; grills so everyone has access to not only to delicious cuisine but also great conversations around them too. Restrooms are available if needed at any time. They’re even equipped with running water). There’s also a boat launch located conveniently close by should anyone want to ride downriver to the best fishing spots or best camping sites in Illinois!

Kayak Morris Campground

The Illinois River is a picturesque spot for tent campers and kayakers. The riverbanks offer tranquil wooded sites, perfect to enjoy nature while you’re away from home! If there’s one thing our readers know how to do it’s relaxing so why not take advantage of these serene surroundings with some fun-filled activities?

The guided tours are just what newbies need when they first step foot into this magnificent sport: children can participate in the Beginner ECO Kayak Tour which teaches beginners about all things eco-friendly including proper strokes necessary on land or water as well as safety tips like wearing UV protection to keep the sun’s rays off your skin or best-camping sites in Illinois for those who like aquatic adventures!

Other amenities include the best campsites in Illinois with pets; best kayak tours and best fishing spots near you; restrooms available if needed. The campground offers a riverfront tent, canoe/kayak access as well as drive-up sites.

Lincoln Trail State Forest Campground

The best campsites in Illinois are just a short drive away from Champaign-Urbana at Lincoln Trail State Park, where you can see some of the best stars above your head with great views along Lake Shelbyville! The park is located near the lake and offers the best fishing spots for any angler looking to catch their best catch.

Best camping sites in Illinois for those who want serenity along with easy access to all the best fishing spots around; best campsites Illinois near Lake Shelbyville and other best-camping locations near you if this one is not available! Amenities include the best fishing spots, grills where families can gather around, best camping sites in Illinois with pets, and best kayaking spots near you.

Opossum Creek Recreation Area

Opossum Creek Campground is located on the western shore of Lake Shelbyville, Illinois. The site offers some of the best lakeside tent camping in all states and provinces! Not only does it have electric hookups for those who want more convenience than going without, but there are also non-electric sites available if you’re just looking to camp lightly with nature under your roof vs running power lines through everything like most modern campsites these days do nowadays 

Tent Camper Owners will enjoy a small fishing pond right beside their tents where kids can fish or play while adults relax by sitting at one end which has been fashioned into an accessible dock so no matter what type of vehicle they drive? whether big rig truck camper or best-camping sites in Illinois with a family sized tent, everyone can get out and enjoy the water!

Pharaoh Campground, Garden of the Gods Wilderness

The Shawnee National Forest is not only a haven for shutterbugs, it’s also home to some of the most beautiful scenery in all four states. This trail is perfect for people who want to have an adventure with their friends. They can see the beautiful views and hear mom calling them. They can also take pictures with their own camera. You’ll need plenty of snacks though because there are 12 campsites available. both tent-based or RV-camping, but dispersed camping within wilderness areas too (although designated sites) means that distance won’t keep any visitor away from exploring more than just what nature has already given him/her!

Most best camping Illinois sites are very secluded and quiet, the best camping site in Illinois with pets is okay too. Amenities include the best fishing spots near you, best kayak tours by the hour or half-day rental deals for those who want to take on something more challenging than their ordinary swimming pool workouts! Restroom facilities available, best kayak tours, best fishing spots near you.!

Turkey Bayou Campground, Shawnee National Forest

This free campground near Murphysboro sits beside a 20 acre oxbow lake that was once part of the nearby Big Muddy River. The site offers both camping and dispersed sites, as well as fishing on either side with largemouth bass being favorite targets for many anglers trying their hand at landing this species in one or both bodies water sources available here; motorized or non-motorized boating allowed so it’s never too late to enjoy some summertime fun!

Bear Creek Campground

The Bear Creek Campground is an ideal jumping off point for wildlife viewing and photography. With over 2700 acres, there’s plenty of space to explore the wide range of bird species that migrate through the Great River National Wildlife Refuge each year–most notably bald eagles! Visitors can enjoy their own spacious site while watching nature at its best from free primitive camping as well (or boat ramp).

Salter Park, Waverly Lake

Waverly Lake is a popular spot for camping and boating with the Springfield area. The free overnight campsites have a three-day limit, but if you want to stay longer there’s no charge! You can also enjoy swimming in this beautiful lake–just make sure not too far out into deep waters where boat traffic would be dangerous or get caught by someone who might ticket your vehicle without permission first hand so watch yourself around those parts!

Jackson Falls Campground, Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee National Forest in Illinois is a beautiful campground for those who love rock climbing, hiking, and horseback riding. There are numerous high bluffs that make it perfect to practice your skills on or just climb them! The forest also has dispersed tent camping spots available if you’re looking into staying closer than most developed campsites would allow; there’s even an overlook with falls where they say rainbows can sometimes be spotted before reaching their peak during dry seasons when water flow might diminish due to lack of rainfall (although nothing beats seeing one up close).

Watertower Park

The Watertower Park is a great place to camp! It’s open and welcoming for all visitors, with no restrictions on size or length of stay. You can even get internet access by using public Wi-Fi in this beautiful state park which offers attractions such as Walnut Point State Park nearby (which includes an 18 hole golf course), the Independence Pioneer Village three miles away – perfect if you’re looking at historic buildings from pioneer days gone by–and finally The Prairie Observatory gives guests access not only into what astronomer see through their telescope each night but also teaches people how astronomy works while giving some inspired insight too.

Kaolin Pit Pond, Trail of Tears State Forest

The Illinois state forest in Cobden offers a variety of recreational activities for all ages and abilities. With year-round free campsites, there’s no excuse not to enjoy this area! Parking lots can fill up quickly but if you find one that is vacant then it’ll be just your toes keeping busy while waiting in line at the restroom or getting water from our drinking fountain before setting out again with new energy to explore more trails ahead. You’re sure to come across some animals like deer who prefer these woods over even high elevation regions so keep an eye peeled when hiking near nature preserves such as Mt. Vernon.

Jumer’s Casino & Hotel

One of the best things about this casino is that it lets you park your RV overnight. You can stay for one night only. If you want to camp, it’s a great place to stop on a family road trip. The casino also offers many nightlife and dining options, so you will have fun here no matter what time of day!

Lock & Dam No. 22 Park-N-Fish

The park offers a serene environment for those who want to enjoy nature and fishing. There are restrooms available, as well as campgrounds that allow you to stay up until 14 days from when your arrival date falls in the bathing season (if it’s open). Other nearby attractions include Grubb Hollow Prairie Nature Preserve across the river on Illinois’ side of things or Anderson Conservation Area just downriver into Missouri–both perfect spots near Lake Mississippi!

Chillicothe RV & Recreation Area

With more than 70 acres of water in three separate spring-fed lakes, this Illinois RV park has a little something for everyone. Activities include fishing or just lounging by the pool with your favorite drink while watching boats on Lake Michigan; if you’re feeling adventurous there are also freshwater scuba diving opportunities available!

Arrowhead Lake Campground

Campers can enjoy fishing for bluegills, channel catfish, and sunfish in the stocked lake. A nature trail circle around it making this a great place to walk or just spend time watching animals from different habitats go about their day! There are also amenities like an on-site general store where you’ll find everything your heart desires; laundry machines available if we didn’t bring enough clean clothes with us (OUCH!), plus WiFi access which is perfect after long days exploring Arrowhead’s beautiful surroundings.

Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Recreation Area

A serene camping destination in Illinois, this lakeside campground offers RV and tent sites as well as equestrian options for those who love to ride their horses. Visitors can enjoy more than 8 miles of trails that are perfect for hiking or biking while they wait out the winter months with cross country skiing when temperatures drop below freezing point!

Shabbona Lake State Recreation Area

Fish are a fisherman’s dream, and this lake is no exception. More than ten different species call the waters around Camp Northshore home! Not only does it boast an impressive list of fish in apparently there’s something special about these three areas that make them so popular among fishermen across Illinois; “most notably muskies,” as one visitor put it. The campground offers 150 RV campsites with all sorts have electricity available for those who want to stay onsite at their cabin or trailer while they enjoy outdoor activities nearby such as hiking nature watching winter sports.

Chain O’Lakes State Park

The Fox River flows through the beautiful Honey Suckle Hollow and offers RV camping for those who want to rough it. The three tent sites also have clean shower facilities, making them perfect spots if you are just looking for some relaxation after a long day of exploring all that Northeastern Illinois has in store!

Argyle Lake State Park

The Twisted Oak, Big Oaks, and Twin Oaks campgrounds within the Argyle Lake State Park offer all types of campsites. Nature enthusiasts will love this parks more than five miles long hiking trails that are just waiting for you to explore them! For those who enjoy horseback riding or fishing, there is also an equestrian area where they can spend their days away from technology with nature in tow-or on two legs if prefer?”

Equality between people breeds peace so help us preserve it by staying overnight at one of our 50+ primitive tent sites within the forest. The campgrounds are first come first serve to mean you can arrive as early as 8 a.m., or even 9 a.m. for metro Chicago residents, to secure your spot!

Illinois Beach State Park

This Illinois state park isn’t just lake camping. It’s Great Lake Camping! The shores of Lake Michigan are where you can find some peace and quiet. With 200 RV campsites available, there is no shortage of space for your family to stretch out in comfort while they enjoy all sorts of fun activities like fishing or hiking nearby too. If we’re being honest here though…the best part about visiting this location? It gives us an excuse to get up-close acquainted with nature without any worries that pesky kids might start making noise at night again (aha!).

Hickory Holler Campground

Family-friendly activities at Hickory Holler Campground include paddle boats on a lake, putt-putt, and shuffleboard. The camp also provides coin laundry services as well as fire rings for those who want to cook their own food or relax under shade trees with friends after being out all day hiking through nature in this peaceful country living environment!

At HICC there’s plenty of room to pitch your tent–the Family Site has 12 forested acres where you can hunt deer (or quail!), go fishing from one thousand three hundred feet above sea level, gallop horseback across fields filled with ocean views, ride bikes among giant redwoods, or simply take in the starry night sky.

Oh, and did I mention that Hickory Holler Campground is located on Highway One? That’s right there’s no place like HICC because there’s no place like this! The location of Hickory Holler Campground is perfect for exploring Big Sur, the Ventana Wilderness, and experiencing the California coast.

Sycamore RV Resort

The DeKalb County resort offers a perfect blend of recreation and relaxation. Visitors can fish the day away in one or two spring-fed lakes within the park, rent paddle boats for some boating on calm waters; play volleyball with friends at either sand courts or grass fields that are only steps from your campsite – all before enjoying an evening swim by moonlight! There’s no better way to spend time away than among this beautiful natural environment while listening only to nature, with a scenic backdrop of the redwoods.

Archway RV Park

Located in the town of Mount Vernon, Archway RV Park is family-owned and operated. The park offers both pull-through sites as well as back-in ones with full hookups for your traveling needs! It also has a dog run that allows Fido to join you during playtime on our large exercise field – just be sure he stays away from any fencing or other surfaces where there might actually hurt someone’s pet (we know how it goes). There are plenty of amenities here including showers Accessible Link, WiFi access around some picnic tables by one pavilion area if taking advantage of this feature while others use their own devices nearby., laundry facility which can do all sorts of laundry needs including towels and bedding! There’s even a convenience store if you need anything before heading out the door. With so many outdoor activities nearby and nearby, Archway RV Park is a perfect place to relax.

Fort Massac State Park

Discover the beauty and history of Fort Massac, while enjoying modern RV camping. Located on a bend in Ohio River near Southern Illinois’ Carbondale region lies fifty Class A vehicular campsites with all that comforts you could need! With plenty to do at historic sites like this replica fort from 1802 as well as fishing or hiking trails nearby – it’s hard not having a great time here- let alone just one night but several days will seem too short when planning your next getaway trip back home again soon enough 🙂

Fish Lake Beach Camping Resort

With an interesting array of amenities for RVers, the Volo Resort is a great place to stay while visiting Chicago. Whether you want access to pools and watersports or just need some peace-and-quietude away from civilization – there are plenty more reasons why this small yet cozy campground makes sense as your next basecamp!

Mill Point RV Park

This top-rated Illinois RV park on the Upper Peoria Lake offers 80 full hookup sites for your campsite needs. You can enjoy boating, fishing, or just relaxing in this pristine 2acre private spring-fed lake that has year-round water access! If you don’t have anything planned tomorrow then take advantage of our daily and weekly rates as well monthly options available at any time to really make this place yours.  It’s sure worth checking out both nature reserve next door which is open all hours except when they’re cleaning up after their bison herd (don’t worry though; there are lots low traffic trails).

Sunset Lakes RV Resort

A vacation destination with something for everyone, Sunset Lakes is a large RV resort in Hillsdale. The property has five fishing lakes and ten tennis courts among other outdoor activities to keep you entertained whether it’s day or night! You’ll also enjoy access to kayaks at their own facility as well if the weather doesn’t cooperate enough during your stay here.

Cave-in-Rock State Park

The caves at Shawnee National Forest provide an escape from the ordinary. They have more than 50 campsites for RV and tents as well as four playground areas, five picnic spots with scenic views of Ohio River plus two boat ramps, or a nearby Golconda Marina where you can launch your vessel to explore these cave’s waters!

White Pines Forest State Park

This scenic state park has miles of trails to explore in the Rock River Valley. It boasts more than 100 vehicle-accessible, campsites plus restroom and shower facilities as well several picnic areas for your enjoyment! The campground sits near two babbling waterways – Spring Creek and Pine Creek; which meander through this beautiful landscape together.

Mississippi Palisades State Park

Mississippi Palisades State Park has more than 200 Class A and B campsites, picnic areas with great views of the Mississippi River. Explore 15 miles worth of hiking trails in three different scenic zones: Sentinel area featuring a climb on Twin Sisters rocks; Indian Head which offers some stunning rock climbing opportunities near its namesake headlands (the “twin sisters”)–or take an easy walk along one our most beautiful beaches!

The park also features six shelters perfect for picnicking plus restrooms available year-round so you can stay long after enjoying these natural gems we have here at Mississippi Pal.

Kankakee River State Park

Kankakee River State Park is home to several campgrounds for RVs, tent campers, and even backpackers. Along with fishing on the Kankakee river, bike trails are also offered in this expansive park where you can go hiking cross country skiing or snowmobiling. Trails north of the river are designed primarily as footpaths while those south have been set aside mostly as equestrian routes but some make great cycling paths too!

Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park is one of my favorite places for camping in Illinois. In addition to countless campsites with lots and amenities (including RV hookups), I love this state park because it has fourteen beautiful waterfalls as well as eighteen sandstone canyons that make up its natural beauty!

Rock Cut State Park

Rock Cut State Park is by far one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. There are countless hiking and horseback trails as well as fishing for those who love it in either Pierce or Olson Lake! The winter activities are also available with cross-country skiing on ice, which isn’t too bad if you’re an expert skier like me. But don’t forget springtime when over 100 kinds of wildflowers will bloom here together side your favorite equestrian camping spots.

Lincoln Trail State Park

Lincoln Trail State Park offers a serene and pristine setting for campers of all stripes. RV sites are available with electricity, water access points throughout the park’s grounds as well as flush toilets! Start your day fishing on one side or another before hiking through lush greenery up to the observation tower where you can view stunning views across Clear Lake from high atop cliffs that border it within Lincoln Mountain Reserve Forest Preserve

Campsites at Plainview Campground have nearby showers which are perfect after an adventurous weekend away exploring all things outdoorsy like boating in lakeside waters or biking through the trails. We also have some that are even more remote for those who just want to get away into their own little corner of nature!

Jubilee College State Park

The beauty of this state park can’t be matched by any other. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience or just want to get away, Jubilee College could become your new favorite place!

A five-star review awaits those who take advantage of all that it has to offer: more than 40 miles worth of trails with plenty of scenic views; picnic areas equipped with shelters and charcoal grills – not to mention playgrounds too!?

There truly seems like something here everyone will enjoy whether they are camping in their own RV (or tent), traveling alone on two feet or two wheels!

Pets are welcome here so long as they stay on your leash. And don’t worry about leaving them behind either because you’ll be right back up close and personal with nature at Jubilee College State Park!

Campgrounds like these best camping sites in Illinois are a great place to go if you’re looking for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where you can enjoy nature and do whatever it is that makes your heart happy. Whether that’s spending time with family and friends or just taking some alone time to pray and reflect, you’ll find it at these wonderful places!

They say the best part of life is experiencing something new and what better way to do that than adventuring out into the great outdoors of your state. A trip like this (or even a staycation) can be a nice break from routine and lead us into new discoveries that can add excitement to our lives like learning a new skill or visiting a new place!


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