The Different Types and Styles of Snowboarding You Can Choose From

Types of snowboarding

Snowboarding is a sport that has been around for decades. There are many different types of snowboarding, and each one appeals to a different type of person. If you want to get into the sport, it is important to know what type of snowboarder you are to select the best board for your needs. Here we will discuss the most popular types of snowboarding: freestyle, free-ride, and powder riding!

Freestyle snowboarding

Freestyle snowboarding is a popular activity for those who want to show off their tricks and jumps. This type of snowboarding is done on terrain parks, half-pipes, or small kicker boxes. Freestyle snowboarders wear protective gear like helmets and knee pads in order to perform tricks safely while landing into piles of soft powder. This type of snowboarding is not for those who want to explore nature or be alone, as it requires lots of people and socialization.

Free-ride snowboarding

Free-ride snowboarding is done on steep slopes or in wide open, untouched powder fields. This type of snowboarding does not require jumps or tricks, but rather the rider focuses on speed and downhill performance. Free-riders usually wear more protective gear than freestyle riders because they are riding at high speeds down large hills with cliffs all around them. This type of snowboarding is great for exploring nature and spending time alone, but it does require some physical fitness to ride fast enough to avoid crashing into rocks or trees!

Powder riding

Powder riders are all about finding the deepest pow possible while maintaining control over their board. Powder riders usually wear extra clothing to stay warm while riding in high cold temperatures. Powder riding is not very common, but it is done by skiers who are looking for a new challenge when the snow starts falling!

Alpine snowboarding/ FreeCarve

Alpine snowboarding is the most basic type of riding. This is done on groomed slopes with jumps, rails, and half-pipes. Alpine riders usually ride in a group or pack so that they can perform tricks together while sharing their thoughts about each others’ abilities to understand them better!

Split boarding

This is a new type of snowboarding that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. It involves using two skis and bindings to perform both alpine and powder riding maneuvers, making it extremely versatile!

In split boarding, riders may snowmobile and ski at the same time with the same piece of gear. A split board is similar to a regular snowboard in shape and construction, but it’s intended to be split into two pieces to become skis.

Snowboarding Styles

There are many different types and styles of snowboarding that you can choose from. If you want to get into the sport, it is important to know what type of rider you are so that you can select the best board for your needs!


Jibbing is a type of snowboarding that involves doing tricks on small objects like rails, boxes, and other obstacles. This style was made popular by snowboarders who wanted to take their boarding into urban settings!

Slopestyle riding

This style is done in terrain parks with jumps built specifically for performing acrobatic moves. Slopestyle snowboarding is also done in half-pipes and on small kicker boxes. This type of riding requires lots of balance, power, and coordination so that the rider can stay upright while performing tricks!

Big Air

The biggest riders concentrate on performing tricks after launching from a man-made jump, which is designed particularly for it. In mid-air, riders attempt to reach great heights and distances while executing difficult tricks and then land with a graceful landing. The height and distance reached during the launch, as well as the difficulty of the performed in the air, are evaluated and scored.


This is a type of slopestyle snowboarding that involves doing tricks off the walls of a curved, semi-circular ditch. This style was made popular by pro snowboarders Shaun White and Hannah Teter!


This style of snowboarding is done in a group and requires riders to race down the slopes while avoiding obstacles, such as trees and other boarders. This type of riding has been gaining popularity with pro-riders like Chas Guldemond because it involves lots of speed and quick thinking!

Big mountain

Big mountain snowboarding is all about exploring the backcountry and finding untouched powder. Although this type of riding can be dangerous, it’s gaining in popularity because people want to find adventure!

There are many types of snowboarding that you can choose from depending on your level of experience and the terrain. Whether you ride alpine or powder, it is important to make sure that you have a board and bindings appropriate for the type of riding!

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